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Byel started it`s journey only a few months ago. Considering that to this day it`s been mostly just one persons work behind all this, so we can consider the current journey to be relatively successful. At the same time, many thanks to everyone who has believed and contributed to the success. All customers have always been the best customers at all! Without You, there would be no Byel. As the interest in these beautiful, unique and highly functional products has grown, we had to think bigger and make the entire purchase and information sharing process more convenient. To do this, one of the biggest changes was the inclusion of an e-shop and the rebuilding of the entire website. Hopefully, everything here is user-friendly and easy to navigate. In cooperation with a very talented photographer Reet Suhova, new product images were made. Hopefully, the new pictures will give you more information on how Byel products can be used without interfering with other furnishings.


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