Byel Calm Black

  •  Linen 57% - cotton 43%
  • Natural wood
  • 3-point safetybelts if needed
  • 100% cooton ropes
  • Suitable forr children from 3-moths up to 3 years of age
  • Weightlimit 40 kg
BYEL CALM baby's swing is all and everything in one product. Absolutely the best choice for both - babies and their parents! The swing is adjustable from the sitting position to the fixed lying position. It isn`t necessary to disconnect the ropes to fix the position, it has simple yet stable knots to do that. This babyswing is ideal for calming Your baby when He/She is upset and for your baby to have a short term nap in it. The swing provides full support for babies who still can not sit on their own.
If You thing that Your baby needs safetybelts, then please make a choice before purchase.

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