Byel Basic White +

  • Byel Basic White +
  • Linen 57% - cotton 43%
  • Natural wood
  • Pillow (longers version)
  • 100% cotton ropes
  • Suitable from 6 months of age * until about 3 years of age
  • Weight limit 40 kg

* The child must be able to sit independently

BYEL BASIC + is a babyswing that will please every baby. The main part, fabric, is made of high quality and durable white linen and cotton blended fabric. The pillow is an added value for a particularly enjoyable experience. As Basic + has a longer pillow, it can be used in 3 different ways.
1) It can be folded and used as a regular pillow only at the back.
2) It can be used unde sitting  and behind the back.
3) It can be used covering all 3 sides except for front side.

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