Sales and refund conditions

Sales and refund terms

On the website of Byel OÜ you will find a selection of gorgeous products for your children or mabey a gift to another miraculous child. Good service and purchasing experience is the most important for us!
How to purchase a suitable product from

  • Choose a suitable product and make sure it`s what You and Your child is looking for.
  • If you have special requests, please feel free to contact by the form, by e-mail or by phone.
  • If you have found exactly the right product, click on the button "Add to Cart."
  • Please complete all fields in the purchase form, if possible.
  •  Please be sure to include the e-mail, telephone number and appropriate delivery method. Delivery to different Countrys are made by DPD and the purchase will be delivered to Your home address. Please make sure that the address is in detail and correct
  •  If there was an error in completing the purchase form, be sure to contact us.
  • The invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. The payment term for the bill is 2 business days.
  • The purchase will be sent out within 3 working days after payment is recived.
  • All export deliveries will have a tracking number and the number will be sent to the e-mail address marked on the order on the same day the product is posted.
  • If payment is not compleated within 2 working days the order is cancelled.
  • If Byel OÜ has any difficulties shipping the order within 3 working days, buyer will be contacted by us and the buyer has a free will to decline to order.

In the case of SPECIAL orders, the terms and payment terms are variable due to agreements between the client and Byel.

Byel wants all Customers to stay 100% satisfied with the products they choose. If, however, something happens that this product is not suitable for you for some reason, it is possible to replace the product, return it or find another solution. In the case of a refund, the product must be returned within 14 calendar days of receipt. The product must be in original packaging and must not be used or damaged in any way. Money for the product will be returned to the customer's account within 7 days after the goods are returned to the seller Byel OÜ.
Shipping costs are not refundable.
Byel , for its part, will do its utmost to resolve the disputes that may arise as amicably and reasonably as possible.

* To return, please submit the relevant application and submit a copy of the invoice together with the application. The exact return address will be agreed upon when communicating with each other. 

If you have any questions about Byel products or ordering, please contact us by using the form below the product you are interested in, or by contacting us.

Have a great experience with Byel Products :)